Friday, August 27, 2010

More Help from Another Great App

The company I work for requires those of us with an unacceptable BMI to participate in one of their many wellness programs. The program I signed up for does not require me to use a pedometer but since I started using the Losing It app on my Iphone I have been trying to keep better track of my walking time. After searching through the app store I found this pedometer,

This app is awesome.

I bought the full version because the freebie only counts 3000 step at a time. After plugging in my weight and the length of my walking stride the app goes to work doing everything else! It counts calories, average speed and number of steps and lots of other cool things. Only con I can report is it drains the battery in a hurry!!

And I am Happy To Report, I Have Lost a Little Over 3 Pounds...FINALLY! I am sure I have lost more inches then pounds, as my cloths are fitting differently. I feel stronger, I feel better in general! Hurray for me!!

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