Monday, January 3, 2011

For The New Year...A Positive Twist to the Resolution

Finally here… the New Year. The holidays are over, the 2 month eat fest has ended. I actually did really well until last week...then I got this stupid cold and all my resolved melted away. The outside temperature here hasn't reached 15 degrees for the last two weeks. It is hard to think about anything but staying warm. I guess that has not helped my resolve either.

But today is a new day; today is the beginning of a new year. Like I do every January, I joined Weight Watchers; I love their on-line tools. I love tracking...

I need accountability.

I really didn't want to spend the money this year but I need it. My husband needs it. My entire family benefits from me being on WW, since I am the one who plans meals, packs lunches and grocery shops.

So I figure it is money well spent. the Resolutions. Read this great article about making resolutions a positive thing...and taking a funner approach. Basically, make a "Bucket List" for 2011 ...

"Make a list of things you wish to do in the upcoming year. Fun things, things that you wish you had done this past year. "

Read is fun and inspirational.

I will posting my list here soon...

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